Build strength, not bulk in this one hour session with Calvin. Training that brings more weight into our fitness studio than ever before. Challenge yourself. Build your strength. Crush your goals.

Alex Domijan, a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer, uses a science-based approach to improve athletic performance, master movement patterns, and address issues of pain. He is Club XO’s newest member of the team and February’s Featured Instructor.

Boasting a background physical education, kinesiology, and work in rehabilitation, Alex specializes in offering private mobility sessions for joint-specific performance improvement, as well as treatment for soft tissue specific injuries like tendinitis, sprains, strains, dislocations, and post-surgery.

“My favourite class to teach is Kinstretch—it is like rehab in a class,” says Alex. “When pro athletes are doing it, you know it works. Keep your joints healthy and address nagging pain from your day-to-day demands you put on your body.”

Alex says his philosophy is “capacity before skill,” meaning people should first have the prerequisite joint mobility in order to achieve desired movement patterns.

“It’s in order to eliminate unnecessary compensations that can stall out or even deteriorate your performance,” he explains. “I’m all about health and longevity.”

Alex is looking forward to his time at Club XO.

“I’ve been welcomed with open arms,” he notes. “The staff, environment, and clientele all seem to be very excited and passionate about health and fitness in their community. What more could you ask for?”

Find Alex’s classes on the official Club XO schedule and check him out on Instagram: @KinCoachAlex.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. It’s easy to quit, to give up, to admit defeat. It’s easy to cut corners and to take the short cut and to give something less than 100%—come on, what’s wrong with 80%?

And then you wonder where the results are.

Where’s my return on investment, you ask. Well, to generate a return, first you have to invest. And that means challenging yourself.

Here’s why, and here’s how.

Why You Should Challenge Yourself

To learn more about you, of course. Who are you—no, really? What are you capable of, actually, when you push excuses aside? Above all, what can you become?

More than you think, that much we can guarantee.

Only when you approach your true limits can you understand yourself; the search for these boundaries can be any combination of riveting, enlightening, and terrifying. Seeking challenge means facing the demand from your body to quit—the legs beg to stop spinning, the hands to stop punching, you can’t possibly run another step—and either ignoring the plea or outright denouncing it: “You will keep running, legs, and that is final.”

Amazingly, you keep going. A well-challenged mind knows that the body will always underestimate its capacity for suffering. The body cannot be trusted to determine failure; the mind must dictate what is in fact impossible.

Which is hardly anything at all.

“It sometimes feels like we have nothing left to give,” writes Angela Duckworth, a renowned psychology professor and researcher, in her masterpiece Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. “And yet, in those dark and desperate moments, we find that if we just keep putting one foot in front of the other, there is a way to to accomplish what all reason seems to argue against.”

It’s human nature to limit our own ambition, for within the realm of possibilities lie an overwhelming amount of paths to take, and no shortage of uncharted territory to trail blaze, either. The easy path—the one that’s soft and gentle and familiar—may offer a simple journey, but it will not provide a satisfactory destination.

The rewards of pushing your limits are rich. As for the risks? Former American president Teddy Roosevelt once pointed out, rather eloquently, that the true risk is in avoiding challenge. Those who challenge their own capabilities “at best know the triumph of high achievement, and who at worst fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with the cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Or, in hockey legend Wayne Gretzky’s words, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Veer outside of your comfort zone to discover the possibilities of yourself. No one else can do that for you. Finish each workout with an empty tank. Go to bed with nothing left on the table. Wake up ready to do it all again—only better.

One day, new human looks back at you in the mirror. A better, truer you. Stronger, inside and out—a layer of grit, a shield of confidence, and a mind that hungers for more: “What’s next?”

First Start, Then Finish

If you find yourself thinking, “This is too hard! I quit,” then you “might enter a vicious cycle that reinforces giving up,” according to Duckworth. In Grit, she warns that you “might learn to give up one thing after another, each time missing the opportunity to enter the virtuous cycle of struggle, followed by process, followed by confidence to try something even harder.”

So, first: find a challenge. Complete it at all costs—do not quit. Then find another.

You already know what you’re good at; the challenge there has passed. Therefore begin with a weakness. What do you suck at? Be honest. Better yet, what have you failed at—what have you quit before that you can return to and conquer with a new mindset?

As Roosevelt said, it is not the critic who counts: “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood.”

Club XO’s Badass 21 Challenge is your first step into the arena.

We look forward to seeing you.

You started the year off right, didn’t you? Made your resolution to get fit—again. Had a great January—again. And now you’re staring ahead and thinking: wait, I have to keep going?


Being badass means we train hard always and forever. January is just another month; 2019 is just another year. These things don’t define us! We pursue our passions and defeat our demons with vigour (or approach the brink of extinction in attempt).

It’s who we are.  It’s how we got here. It’s why we keep going.

Club Xo’s Badass 21 Day Challenge encourages you to toss your failed resolutions aside, leap out of your way-too-small comfort zone, and thrust yourself into a wonderful whirlwind of energy, exhaustion, and accomplishment.

Here’s how it works. Grab a Challenge Card from our front desk, which you can pick up starting January 28th. Don’t dawdle—you have to be signed up for the challenge before February begins, so to be sure to register by the 31st. If you’ve got this far, congratulations: you get a free Tru Smoothie Bar voucher! (Hey, not yet pal. Earn that smoothie first.)

Come February, the real work begins: completing the actual challenge. We have laid out 21 challenges—which include trying new classes, among other things—to check off within the 28 days of February. Complete every challenge and you will be entered in to a draw full of awesome prizes, including Club Xo gear and class gift cards.

The best thing about the Badass 21 Day Challenge is that anyone can complete it…

But only badasses will.

Join Club XO Sunday October 28th for our annual Halloween Costume Party!!

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  • Doors open at 5:30pm
  • SPIN 6:00pm
  • YOGA 7:00pm

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Have you been wanting to try out a Club XO Boxing class?

Want to brush up your technique?

Want to blow off some steam?

Saturday October 20th, 10am – Book your spot with Master Boxing Coach Darcie!

Wednesday August 29, 2018.

6:00 – 6:45 pm – SPIN

7:00 – 7:45 pm – SPIN

7:45 – 8:30 – ATHLETE

Join us as we bring the bikes outside to say Goodbye to Summer!

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New flavours of Flow Water to try, as well as #todiefor Vegan Lemon Loaf by Erin Ireland!


Wear your brightest digs and let’s give a Club XO kickass farewell to summer!

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The first day of Summer 2018 is fast approaching and we are kicking it off with our Summer Solstice Party!!

Join Club XO Fitness and Studio B Yoga, Thursday June 21st for Boxing, Yoga and outdoor Spin, to celebrate the start of Summer.  First class starts at 5pm, sign up for one, or all, and finish with one of our delicious smoothies!

The first day of Summer 2018 is fast approaching and we are kicking it off with our Summer Solstice Party!!

Join Club XO Fitness and Studio B Yoga, Thursday June 21st for Boxing, Yoga and outdoor Spin, to celebrate the start of Summer.  First class starts at 5pm, sign up for one, or all, and finish with one of our delicious smoothies!

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The RBC Cup will run from May 12 – 20th.  Stop by Prospera Centre to see where the Chilliwack Chiefs call home.

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Good luck to all the teams playing at this years RBC Cup! See you this Saturday to cheer on the Chiefs! Go Chiefs Go!!