Go-To Song Old Country Soul by The Reklaws
Secret Indulge Anything with peanut butter
Passion Fitness, encourage others to push themselves, hockey and my dog 
Words To Live By "It doesn’t get easier. You just get stronger."

Ashley is a BCRPA certified personal trainer and weight training instructor. She wants to share her passion of fitness with others and help people find their passion for exercise. Ashley grew up playing high performance hockey, skiing and playing school sports in between! Encouraging people to push themselves outside of their comfort zones and be confident in their strength is her mission. She can be found at the gym teaching strength classes, training sports teams, at the front desk occasionally and everywhere in between.

Meet Other Trainers

Lindsay’s favorite things in life are fitness, adventures & her dog Riley. On her days off you’ll find her frolicking in the mountains - running the trails or hiking the peaks. She truly believes a smile can change a day. You’ll most likely find her with a smile (or a seriously pained grimace if she’s doing Shan’s spin class) on her face.
    Bree has a Bachelor of Arts as well as a Bachelor of Education. She is a primary teacher and comes from a dance background where she competed in Irish Dance (Riverdance) all around the world. She has been spinning for the last 7 years and is a full-blown spin addict. She trained in Vancouver where the style is very beat driven. You feel the beat, move to the beat and BE THE BEAT. Get ready for choreography, different movements on the bike and an intense full-body workout reinforced by the authority of the music. She brings a unique and exciting twist to spin so come ready to sweat, hold on, and hit that beat from start to finish.
      Part athlete and part wild child, Shannon was born to ride. More importantly, she was born to teach. Her passion for fitness and love for music makes her classes an experience like no other! The adrenaline rush, empowering people, feeling that killer beat, you leave feeling powerful, accomplished... and sweaty.