Go-To Song Anything country or hardcore rap
Secret Indulge $0.05 candies
Passion Trail running & hiking
Words To Live By "In a world where you can be anything, be kind"

Lindsay’s favorite things in life are fitness, adventures & her dog Riley. On her days off you’ll find her frolicking in the mountains – running the trails or hiking the peaks. She truly believes a smile can change a day. You’ll most likely find her with a smile (or a seriously pained grimace if she’s doing Shan’s spin class) on her face.

Meet Other Trainers

I’ve been playing sports since I was 4 years old. Although I am only still currently playing hockey as the starting goalie of the Chilliwack chiefs, I have played almost every sport you could think of. The importance of diversifying your training rounds out your athletic abilities but also keeps training fun and interesting. I enjoy training all levels of athletes and I am excited to join the XO team.
    Shaina has a degree in communications and is also pursuing a career in real estate. She loves competition and lives by the words “if you aren’t first you’re last” lol! and considers herself probably one of the most competitive people you’ll meet. Other than hiking in the summer and getting outside for a round of golf, spinning is the only exercise that Shaina is passionate about. Oh, and she has an unhealthy love for the New England Patriots and even flies to Boston every year for a game!
      Knowlton is an avid athlete and certified trainer always on the hunt for a new challenge. His fitness philosophy is mind over matter: whether you’re unleashing hooks in Boxing or pumping iron in The Athlete, Knowlton will push your boundaries. When not in the gym, he can be found hiking, cycling, and reading up on how to wring every last drop of potential from himself and his clients.